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Why am I Running for Matthews' Mayor?

Having served three terms as a Matthews Town Commissioner, the last two as Mayor Pro Tem (an honor shared with Commissioner Chris Melton during my second term), I feel I have the knowledge and ability to serve as Mayor. Most importantly, it is my desire to deliver respectful representation to all of our citizens, regardless of what issues they may bring before the Board. I am passionate about our community, and feel we can do a better job in four key areas:

  1. We continue to ravage too many trees on development sites. It is my desire to offer developers a win-win situation, and to incentivize them to save more and better trees, particularly those that are mature and healthy.
  2. We need to work more collaboratively with our education partner Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. The majority of our children attend CMS. The currently strained relationship needs to be repaired, and I will lead that charge.
  3. We need more park space. When elected Mayor, I will make this one of my top priorities. Opportunities to purchase prime park space will be evaluated and acted upon when in the best interest of the town. Those that follow us will appreciate a few green spaces in the sea of development currently being constructed.
  4. When elected Mayor I will push for better transparency in government. We will make every effort to keep the citizenry informed, and provide a welcoming forum where comments or concerns can be freely expressed.

What Can You Do?

Make sure you get out to vote on November 5th but if you want to do more to help preserve Matthews, you can contribute to my campaign.