Matthews NC Trees

Matthews' Trees

What moved me to run for public office initially was the wholesale destruction of trees in Matthews, particulary during large development projects.  Trees are constant reminders of our primal ties to nature – they produce oxygen, provide wildlife habitat, keep us cool, block wind and weather and prevent soil erosion – and they are beautiful!  Since being elected, I have consistently pushed for better enforcement of our tree ordinance.  When elected Mayor, I will move to have tree save percentages increased and encourage developers to set aside trees in the interior of their sites and not only along perimeters or otherwise undevelopable areas such as floodplains.  I believe this can be accomplished by rewarding good behaviour.  I will ensure that town staff works closely with any future developers to so that another mistake as costly as the one at the Monroe Road Taft Development site does not happen again.

What Can You Do?

Make sure you get out to vote on November 5th but if you want to do more to help preserve Matthews, you can contribute to my campaign.