Matthews Traffic

Matthews' Roads and Traffic

Traffic continues to be a big concern in Matthews, with much of it generated by commuters passing through our town to jobs or other interests in surrounding communities.  Over the years we have cultivated a strong working relationship with NCDOT, and are grateful for the many projects underway or starting in the near future which will help improve traffic here.

However ever since attending an initial design charrette in 2013, I have remained steadfast in my opposition to a four-lane “superstreet” concept for John Street.  In the early days of the proposal, I was a lone voice objecting to what was in my estimation would construct another Independence Boulevard running through our historic district – a road that would split our town in half, require the removal of several homes and businesses, and greatly hamper the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

We have instead proposed a two-lane design for the portion of the project extending from I-485 to Trade Street, with the intent of encouraging commuters to seek alternate routes through or around Matthews.  At the town’s request, this portion of the project has been put on hold until other projects (Independence Boulevard widening, Weddington Road Interchange, McKee Road extension) are completed, as these projects will significantly affect traffic patterns and driving habits.  When elected Mayor, I will continue to advocate for traffic improvement projects, but will stand against those that I feel are detrimental to the best interest of our citizens.

What Can You Do? 

Make sure you get out to vote on November 5th but if you want to do more to help preserve Matthews, you can contribute to my campaign.